Never Stress Over Bills Again!

Start taking home a regular paycheck from your gym, and be home for dinner each night

Chriss Smith, Trident CrossFit

Having a coach work through Profit First enabled us to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE $60,000 worth of debt in just FIVE MONTHS. What we could not get a hold of in 2.5 years on our own, we were able to eradicate in 5 months with some help and accountability from Incite. We would recommend this system for all gyms. 

Jason Fernandez, CrossFit Rife

Using this Profit First model, we went from 0 to 10% profit after expenses in less than a year.  My owner pay went up 500% and we have dedicated budgets for equipment, continuing education, marketing retail and I can pay taxes right now with no stress

Chris Ball, West Coast Strength & Conditioning

It’s great having someone who has the systems in place for me to remove unwanted stress from bills and taxes. Working with Incite has been good for me and my business. I don’t stress over bills like before and I am taking home more money because of their guidance and the cash flow systems

Joyce Shiffler, CrossFit Renaissance

They have also been so great at helping me stay organized and even create better habits with my financial situation. One thing that I really have enjoyed is their cash management systems. It also feels awesome that they deal specifically with Affiliate owners and understand our concerns, pain points, and model.

Join our successful Microgyms using this model

John Briggs runs a multi million dollar tax and accounting firm which is the largest firm serving microgym owners in the country. He is a mastery level Profit First Professional. He has a black belt in lean six sigma.  He is a CPA.  John has been teaching microgym owners how to improve their cash flow for 10+ years and deeply cares about helping gym owners get paid what their worth. He himself owns a CrossFit gym and is widely known through out the CrossFit space.

Build Your Cash System

What if you never had to worry about having enough cash to pay your team members? What if you took home a regular paycheck from your gym? What if you really could help people get healthy AND earn that retirement-worthy windfall?

You are already physically fit. Now it’s time to get to financially fit.

Too many gym owners use their love of fitness as an excuse not to focus on money. The problem is, when they put profitability on the backburner, most of them end up closing their gym doors. In his new book, Profit First for Microgyms, John Briggs adapts the simple cash flow method revealed in Mike Michalowicz’s bestselling book, Profit First, to help you become profitable from your very next deposit.

Using humor and true stories about his clients’ and his own microgym, Briggs offers a step-by-step plan to help transform your microgym into a profitable business that is worthy of the legacy you want to leave behind.

The System is Simply Built to Grow Your Cash


This system is simple, sticking to it and getting set up the right way is where you can faulter.

As we’ve helped over 500+ microgyms improve their financial situations there are a few common questions that we want to clarify right away to help you through your Profit Journey.

How Can I Be Profitable?

Try Profit First, It will make you profitable.

Where the hell is the Cash?

This system gives you step by step details on how to figure out where all your cash is at.

How can I know if my gym is healthy or if i'm in trouble?

Profit First will tell you exactly how

How can I increase the cash in my bank account without getting more members?

That is easy… Start Profit First

How can I not be a slave to my gym?

Have you considered Profit First?

What is the best way to price my services?

That is not going to be found directly in Profit First, but indirectly, there is so much value in this book it will change the entire game!

FREE - 5 Day Cashflow Challenge

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Do you have any idea where all your cash is going?

Do you know if you’re getting paid the right amount?

Find out exactly where your cash is flowing with our challenge!

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