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Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Without a streamlined system that’s simple to implement, you’re going to eventually get burnt out…

What You’ll Accomplish… In 5 Videos

Learn the cashflow process that gets REAL results

The 4 Key Numbers

Accounting is boring – until you understand these 4 key numbers. Then your business will start to come into focus and you’ll start your journey towards making empowered financial decisions for your gym.

What is Revenue?

Know what you’re actually bringing in and how to use it to fuel your business and your life for longer-term.

What is REAL Revenue?

Learn exactly how much money you should be running your business with and how that one mindset shift will help catapult your profit forward.

Are You Paid Enough?

Is paying yourself the #1 priority of your gym? If it’s not this will show you exactly how much you’ve underpaid or overpaid yourself from your business…

Growing Profit & Saving Tax

Running a business means you’ll have tax obligations to Satan (the IRS). I’ll show you how to make sure you are saving the best amount to not freak during tax time.

Operating Exp + Your Custom Analysis

How much are you bleeding in cash right now? Do you know? This step by step analysis will give you the road map to healthy cashflow.

"Running a business takes a lot of time and energy, and having a platform in place that allows me to be more on autopilot and less on stress mode has been great. This system also has helped me start saving money for my taxes so I don't have to worry, the money is already set aside."

Chris Ball, West Coast Strength & Conditioning

Learn How Profitable You Should Be

Join the group of gyms that are taking control of their cashflow and choosing to enhance their PROFITABILITY first!

The Simple Yet Pivotal…

5 Days, 5 Videos, AND a whole lotta cash to uncover in your business! These short videos will provide you more actionable direction with your finances than ever before…

This is customized to YOUR business and will show YOU the numbers you’re at and the numbers you should be hitting to be successful long-term.

We will walk you through every step of the way to ensure you have a road map to achieving predictable profits in your gym.

The 5 Day Challenge

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    "I need my business running smooth and I don’t want to worry about cash flow. The cash management platform that they teach has made such a difference in my business and has helped me take home more money"

    Javier Llanos, Fearless Fitness

    "Having a coach work through Profit First enabled us to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE $60,000 worth of debt in just FIVE MONTHS."

    Chriss Smith, Trident CrossFit