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How long can you go, living paycheck to paycheck?

Are you bleeding cash? || Are you overworked? || Are you destined for more in life?

Right now the fitness industry has become destabilized. Gyms are closed fully or partially, making the reopening of their doors uncertain. We know that gyms that have built out their cash flow structure are more likely to survive.

Because gym owners are living paycheck to paycheck, we have a system that increases their cash flow so they can be home at dinner time and their gym can thrive.


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Is This System Worth It For Gym Owners?

Joe Morrone

“Profit first changed my life and my business forever. This book just added an additional context which ensures I have all the tools I need for success in my specific industry. Not only that, these books combined have changed my outlook on personal finance as well and have given me a path to teaching my children about managing money. PF for kids is next!”

Daniel Salupo

“It’s exactly what was missing from the micro-gym industry. I have studied it, and taken my time to do EVERY action item John suggest. I saw improvements within 1 month!

I feel more in charge and in power of the gyms finances, and just more equipped to make better decisions overall.

It is precisely the customization of the original Profit First method needed for small gyms.

If you are a trainer/coach/gym owner, it is EXACTLY like taking a WOD from, that you know to be sound in principal and efficacy, and then customizing and modifying it to the precise needs circumstances of your member or client. Don’t just buy it, believe in it and do it! Thank you Briggs!”

Meddy Paulus

“Worth the read!!! This is a great investment and worth your time to have a better understanding of your microgym business finances!”

Nancy Trimboli

“I use the Profit First system already and have a firm understanding of setting up the accounts, analyzing what your money REALLY gets spent on, and concentrating on your most lucrative efforts in my business. John explains these things in a straight forward manner making them a simple as tying your shoes. Even the chapter titles at the beginning of the book are aimed at fitness enthusiasts concentrating on a new regiment. The chapter on “Tracking Key Predictive Indicators” helped me to understand clearly, for the first time, that predictive indicators will change over time depending on the status of my business. I highly recommend this book. The profit in a business, and the kind of thinking that created that profit, are the only things that stand between growth or failure in tough times.”

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We Are Gym Owners Too 

We know it’s stressful not having enough money in the bank account each month…

That’s why we’ve created a system to help ANY gym in ANY circumstance take home more money without generating more revenue – simply by following this framework. Being the company to serve more gym owners than anyone else, we know your financial blind-spots and have proactively provided the solutions in here:

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