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Book Launch Details:

Hi friends! I first and foremost want to genuenly thank you!

Your friendship & support of the launch of Profit First for Microgyms means so much to me!

This moment in my life has been in the works for several years, I just didn’t realize it until recently – and I’m so excited it’s here!

Whether you choose to participate in the launch or not I sincerley value what you do for the microgym community.

On January 7th we open up the flood gates to the microgym community all over the world with the unparralled Profit First system for Microgyms. I would love to see you participate in any way to spread this content.

Important Update: Your audience will be offered some additional bonuses after purchasing the book. All which are more valuable then I was iniitally planning. 

How You Can Help!

January 7th is the day we are sharing this Book to the masses & we would greatly appreciate your support in these ways:

  • We will be doing LIVE streams on a specific Profit First topics every day (Jan 3rd – 7th) building up to the launch day. Please join the live streams, comment, share, and spread the word. Follow us @incitetax to be notified of those.

  • Also it would be really helpful if you could email us an honest Amazon Review for Profit First for Microgyms. What you’re hoping to get out of it or other benefits you’re excited to attain. Once the book is LIVE then we can help you submit the review on the book page. 
  • The BIGGEST ask we would appreciate is if you could send an email to your list about the book! We have the sample email templates below
  • Secondly when it comes to emailing your list, we will also be putting on a special webinar after the launch to dive into the book and there is an email template for that as well
  • If you could post the book launch page www.profitfirstformicrogyms.com/launch on your social media outlets that would help incredibly. There are some sample posts & images for you to copy & paste below
  • Invite me to come on your podcast or do a Facebook LIVE to talk about Profit First for Microgyms and the key components to increasing your business’s profitability and overall CASH!
  • If you’re into this sort of thing and you want to take a photo holding the book and posting to social media!

    Sample Marketing Materials:

    Option #1 Email to send to your list: (Send around 9:00 am on January 7th)

    Subject Lines:

    • The BEST financial guidance to hit the industry

    Hi FNAME,

    Are you tired of dealing with the stress of your bank account balance being low at the end of every month?

    Or the frustration of your profits/cash not growing at the same rate of everything else in your gym?

    Perhaps your members increase, but your take home doesn’t…

    TODAY we’ve got the ultimate solution…

    • Something to optimize your cash flow
    • Something to increase your pay
    • Something to remove 99% of the stress of bills & expenses
    • Something that I guarantee will change your business forever.

    And I’m thrilled to be apart of the unveiling of this monumental shift in the industry.

    I’d like to introduce you (officially) to Profit First for Microgyms.

    This new book is here to help you improve the health of your business, help you get paid what you’re worth, and so much more dealing with and growing your perpetual profit.

    Our pal, John Briggs over Incite Tax has just released this book to the world.

    And he is offering some unbelievable bonuses for those who purchase the book today!

    I really believe this is a crucial missing piece to help you achieve the goals you want.

    You could have the best marketing system, or the best staff, you could even have the most loyal members…

    BUT if you don’t have PROFIT, the longevity of your business will be at risk.

    I can’t recommend this book enough and encourage you to get this today as it will completely compliment every other good thing you’re doing in your business.

    To order your copy & claim the bonuses click here:


    Option #2 Email to send to your list: (Send around 9:00 am on January 7th)

    Subject Lines:

    • Are you wanting to increase your profitability?

    Hi FNAME,

    I’ve got some crazy good news to share with you.

    It’s going to help you grow your business cash forever.

    It’s a NEW book from our pal, John Briggs at Incite Tax.

    It’s fully tailored for gym owners

    • who are sick of just getting by
    • who want to actually make a bigger impact in their community
    • who just need that edge to level up their cash to accomplish their goals…

    So I’m introducing you to Profit First for Microgyms.

    The resource to help you create the BEST cash flow system to run the financially healthiest gym, get paid MORE, and grow your influence.

    Order your copy TODAY & claim the additional FREE resources – click here:


    Sample Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Posts you can send out on January 7th

    Post #1

    It’s Here!

    Today our great friend John Briggs is launching his new book Profit First for Microgyms!!

    This book is tailored to every microgym owner wanting to understand their cash flow & increase their take home pay immediately.

    The concepts and resources that come from this book are undoubtedly one of the best financial guides that has hit our industry EVER!

    If you’re ready to understand your cash flow & actually grow your PROFIT fast, then this is a MUST read.

    Not to mention TODAY he is giving away some killer bonuses that increase your overall ability to optimize your cash flow.

    Click here to get your own copy today!



    Post #2

    Have you wanted more cash available in your business?

    Our friend – John Briggs @incitetax has the system ready for you. His book Profit First for Microgyms launches today and he is giving away some crazy valuable bonuses for those who purchase TODAY.

    The system will change how much money you take home and help you take advantage of your human behaviors to grow your cash perpetually!

    This book is going to change the game! We’re super excited for you to get yourself a copy!

    Get your copy & bonuses today! ????



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