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“Having a coach work through Profit First enabled us to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE $60,000 worth of debt in just FIVE MONTHS. What we could not get a hold of in 2.5 years on our own, we were able to eradicate in 5 months with some help and accountability from Incite. We would recommend this system for all gyms!” 

Chriss Smith – Owner CrossFit Trident

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What if you never had to worry about having enough cash to pay your team members? 

What if you took home a regular paycheck from your gym?  

What if you really could help people get healthy AND earn that retirement-worthy windfall?

John Briggs runs a multi million dollar tax and accounting firm which is the largest firm serving microgym owners in the country. He is a mastery level Profit First Professional. He has a black belt in lean six sigma.  He is a CPA.  John has been teaching microgym owners how to improve their cash flow for 10+ years and deeply cares about helping gym owners get paid what their worth. He himself owns a CrossFit gym and is widely known through out the CrossFit space.


Chris Ball - West Coast Strength & Conditioning

It’s great to find an advisor that treats you like a partner and cares about your successes and wants to see you improve your financial position.

Not only that but someone who has the systems in place for me to remove unwanted stress from bills and taxes. Working with Incite has been good for me and my business. I don’t stress over bills like before and I am taking home more money because of their guidance and the cash flow systems.”

Lisa Dumont - Fit Body Bootcamp

With Profit First, I went from only having an average of $8,000 in the bank to an average of $60,000.

I have $20,000 saved in my tax bucket and I am no longer afraid or intimidated when it comes time to file my taxes. BRING IT IRS! I wish I could tell you that I did this alone, but having a dedicated Profit First coach doing my allocations for me has held me accountable and it’s made me feel comfortable. Working with Incite Tax who are detail oriented, an expert with numbers, and who has dedicated experience not only in profit first, but also with microgyms is extremely valuable. For me, it has paid off tenfold as proven by the dollars in my bank account! I am now about to embark on opening a second location and I’m even more excited because I’ll have profit first implemented from day 1 and I just know it’s going to be a game changer!


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Are you ready to learn how to start taking your Profits First in your business?

This exclusive training will uncover the common sticking points and blind spots you should be aware of.  In this webinar, you will learn the basics of Profit First and hear examples of how other microgym owners, just like you, are receiving lasting profits from implementing this proven system.

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1099 vs W2 Audit Proof Checklist

Are you struggling with the decision to pay your coaches with a W2 or as an independent contractor?  

Never use the word always when it comes to taxes. The tax code is 76K pages and there is exception upon exception. We will give you the full checklist of “the rules”  to help you solidify your current set up and decide how to pay your coaches & trainers moving forward. This comes with a video explanation as well as everything you need to feel confident in your decision.


The Debt Snowball Tool

Do you know which loans you should pay off first?

The debt snowball tool will show you how to get out of debt faster.  This tool provides the ultimate road map to eradicating your debt. You will receive a worksheet for calculating payments along with the exact system to follow for freeing yourself from the monthly payments that keep stacking up and up.


Marketing Lead Tracking Tool

Do you know which lead sources you should be spending money on?

Take the guesswork out of identifying which marketing efforts are generating the most leads. With the marketing lead tracking tool, you will be able to easily track your marketing data and ensure you’re marketing efforts are being accounted for accurately. This powerful tool has all the information and data you need for successful lead generation.


Video Walk through - Cash Flow Analysis

Do you know the 2 things every Microgym owner must do in the year 2020 for healthy cash flow?

Get a step by step handheld walk-through of how you can analyze your own businesses healthy cash flow, in addition, you will also receive the specific percentages of where your business should be transferring money.


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